Off The Plate

"The Same, But Different, But The Same" is an ongoing series collaborating with photographer Aydin Arjomand. It is a concept I proposed to Aydin as a reaction to the horrific events that occurred in mid-2016. They are a visual expression of the need and desire for unity in response to the violence and divisions that are tearing the world apart.  

So many things define groups, and can simultaneously separate and unite. The differences are beautiful and infinite, and deserve to be celebrated, cherished, and embraced. Keep posted for an upcoming exhibition of the entire body of work. 


"The Food Shoe" was created from a phrase I've said frequently on shoots while choices are made selecting plates and bowls to present the food.
"Tell me what you want. I'll put it in anything; even a sneaker." So, I did.
Each shoe inspired the food that was paired with it. No shoes were harmed while shooting this series. 

Well-known locations around the world created for a calendar distributed by David Michael Flavors, Food Flavor Development Company.

Spot for Bellagio kiosks and social media highlighting their wide range of food options.